Keto Friendly Fondue Dinner

My family and I used to love the Melting Pot Fondue experience. Our local restaurant has closed, but I wanted to recreate the full meal experience for the family. An additional challenge is that I wanted to do this within a low-carb or keto friendly diet. So I recreated our favorite flavors and menu items.

Starting with the Cheese Fondue course, I went with a traditional cheddar fondue. For healthy dippers, I went with Baby Carrots, Broccoli chunks, Cauliflower chunks, and apple slices.

For the main course we went with Coq-a-vin. I prepared a plate of raw ingredients including sliced salmon, tuna, steak, shrimp and chicken. For fun you could pre-marinate any of the above. For vegetables you want to broccoli and large white mushroom caps. Just throw them into the fondue to cook. I prepared our favorite Green Goddess dipping sauce and a couple of others including my standard Teriyaki glaze.

For Dessert – We went with the standard chocolate. For dippers we had raspberries, bananas, brownies and Keto friendly marshmallows.

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